It’s been awhile! We wanted to update you on what is going on here at Open Heart Doula. These are exciting times. As you may know, last year, we became a registered 501(c)3. We did this because honestly, we were flooded with requests for our services from women who simply could not pay for them.  They are women with lower incomes, women with difficult pregnancy and family situations, refugees who need help navigating a confusing medical system, and mamas facing medical diagnoses and stillbirths.  Our hearts are for all women, but we hurt in a serious way for women who are struggling. So by becoming a nonprofit, we are FIGHTING to be able to serve these mamas.

And that’s what his year is about – pursuing grants and supporters and doing fundraising like crazy because we are hearing the cries of hurting families, and we are longing to be able to help as many of them as we possibly can.

We want to answer questions, we want to hold hands, we want to clean their houses and feed them, we want to laugh and to cry and to show these women that they are loved and important and precious. The time surrounding the birth of a child is monumental in the life of a mother, and we have seen our support change lives.

We are kicking off February with an online fundraiser on If you have given this month, we deeply appreciate it. If you haven’t, consider it! No amount is insignificant – small numbers in great quantity add up!!

If you cannot give, we thank you too for your support in reading this whole post! Please pray for us, come to our Daddy-Daughter dance in March (details to be announced soon!), and tell your friends about what we are doing!

God bless you all — and now, let’s show some love this February!