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Skin-to-Skin Care

Today, we’d like to share with you how kangaroo and human parenting are alike. They are both carrying mammals and their infants expect to be carried close to the warmth of their mama in order to mature. Both human and kangaroo mothers produce milk that is a perfect blend of vitamins and nutrients to sustain [...]

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Our Latest Press Release

NEW NONPROFIT SERVES VULNERABLE MOTHERS Knoxville, TN - Maternal-fetal outcomes in East Tennessee rank among the worst in the nation, and a new nonprofit aims to change that. “We are seeing so many pregnant women who are at a total disadvantage in terms of being able to carry a baby to term and then raise [...]

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It's coming… Do you feel it?  A brand new year.  It is the time that we all feel that sense of newness, fresh starts and endless possibilities.  I am definitely feeling it today.  I am ready to embrace 2015 with wide eyes and an open heart (no pun intended).  I am excited about where I [...]

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Evidence on the Safety of Water Birth Have you had a waterbirth? Interested in a waterbirth? Have someone you'd like to give information on waterbirth? Love waterbirth and waterbirth stories? This article is for you! Check it out over at: Here's a little sample of some of the information the article covers: What are the [...]

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