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NEW NONPROFIT SERVES VULNERABLE MOTHERS Knoxville, TN - Maternal-fetal outcomes in East Tennessee rank among the worst in the nation, and a new nonprofit aims to change that. “We are seeing so many pregnant women who are at a total disadvantage in terms of being able to carry a baby to term and then raise [...]

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It's coming… Do you feel it?  A brand new year.  It is the time that we all feel that sense of newness, fresh starts and endless possibilities.  I am definitely feeling it today.  I am ready to embrace 2015 with wide eyes and an open heart (no pun intended).  I am excited about where I [...]

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Evidence on the Safety of Water Birth Have you had a waterbirth? Interested in a waterbirth? Have someone you'd like to give information on waterbirth? Love waterbirth and waterbirth stories? This article is for you! Check it out over at: http://evidencebasedbirth.com/waterbirth/ Here's a little sample of some of the information the article covers: What are the [...]

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