Our Team

Alissa Claxton – Birth Doula

Alissa began the process of becoming a birth doula in 2009 after the birth of her first daughter.  She was able to find strength and peace through another experienced mother in the room and wanted to offer that same encouragement to other women. She loves assisting and educating families through pregnancy and childbirth as a birth doula. In the beginning of her journey, she realized that she did not want to go about it alone.  The vision for Open Heart Doula came to fruition in 2010 and has been growing and thriving ever since. Alissa and her husband, Ben and their four children, Molly, Parker, Hannah and Lucy live in the Karns area.

"When it comes to motherhood, give yourself lots of grace. It takes time to grow and become the woman and mom that you desire to be and were created to be. Each new day is another opportunity for more grace… and more coffee!"

Tamika Guillebeaux- Postpartum Doula

Tamika thrives in the supportive role of a Postpartum Doula. She realized just how important that support is when she had her first baby as a single mother over 10 years ago, and was inspired to serve others in the same way. Tamika began attending visits, training, and pursuing certification in 2014 and was blessed to join Open Heart Doula the same year. She loves nurturing, educating, and assisting families during that precious time when a new baby comes home. She believes it is one of the best times to empower and collaborate with new mamas and families to maximize confidence in their ability and is passionate about providing physical and emotional support to women. Tamika lives in Knoxville with her husband Louis and their four children, Micah, Trinity, Josiah and Timothy.

"No matter what kind of birth experience we have, whether it went exactly as planned or not, if we are emotionally high or emotionally drained, we all need support."